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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ex-Union Official Pleads Guilty

Michael Forde, the former big cheese of the Carpenters Union New York City District Council, has pleaded guilty to a "racketeering scheme that stretches back to 1994" as reported by Bruce Golding for the New York Post:
[Forde] admitted selling out his membership by pocketing bribes to let contractors hire illegal aliens off the books. Reading from a written statement in Manhattan federal court, Forde further admitted lying under oath during a 2009 deposition at which he denied knowledge of the shady scheme.
Forde was among ten union officials and contractors variously indicted last August on racketeering, bribery, fraud and perjury charges. To date, eight defendants, including reputed Lucchese associate Finbar O'Neill, have pleaded guilty in the case, and the others, including union official Brian Hayes and benefit funds trustee Joseph Oliveri, an alleged Genovese associate, are scheduled for trial on September 7.
Further reporting: 
"Ex-carpenters union boss Michael Forde pleads guilty to racketeering charges; faces 10 years" by Scott Shifrel for the Daily News
FBI Press Release


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