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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feds Apply Pressure On Colombo Boss Tommy Shots To Flip With New Cop Murder Charges

Ruthless, toothless former Colombo crime boss Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli is now accused of killing a city cop, the Daily News has learned.
Gioeli has been charged in a new federal indictment with participating in the 1997 murder of off-duty NYPD cop Ralph Dols in Brooklyn.
Gioeli, 57, passed on the order from then-consigliere Joel (Joe Waverly) Cacace to underlings to gun down the cop because he had married Cacace's ex-wife, the feds say.
That brings to six the number of gangland slayings Gioeli is tied to - three of which he could face the death penalty for, including Dols' murder.
Sources said Gioeli's role in the cop killing was confirmed by capo Dino (Big Dino) Calabro, who agreed to become a government snitch earlier this year.
Gioeli has pleaded not guilty to the new charges.
The decision whether to seek the death penalty could be made by the U.S. attorney general in the next 60 days.
Defense lawyer Carl Herman predicted in court that the government would not seek the ultimate punishment.
Since his arrest two years ago, Gioeli has complained of a litany of health and dental woes at the Metropolitan Detention Center.


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