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Monday, July 19, 2010

Gambino Mobsters Complain Prison Is Bad For Their Health

These are the tough guys?
Nearly half of the 14 accused Gambino mobsters rounded up in a recent bust are whining to the court about their weak hearts, bad backs and other aches and pains.
The chief complainer: reputed boss Daniel Marino, who insists his bum ticker should be his ticket out of prison.
Marino's lawyers argued last week that the 69-year-old needs to be released on bail - or else he risks a stroke.
The alleged wiseguy led a gang of mobsters and wanna-bes arrested this spring on a litany of charges from extortion to sex trafficking.
Among their prey, Manhattan federal prosecutors say, was a 15-year-old runaway sold on craigslist for $200 a session.
Prosecutors called the sex crime a "new low" and described the players as an explosive mix of experienced criminals and violent up-and-comers in the Gambino family.
But from their cumulative list of ailments, Marino's crew make it sound like they are lucky to get out of bed in the morning.
Manhattan Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan has not decided whether to release Marino - but he and other judges sure have gotten an earful of gripes:
- Onofrio (Noel) Modica - accused by prosecutors of being a made man overseeing his own crew - is only 46. But he has been "physically disabled for eight years, in constant pain," his lawyer has said.
Modica had two disks in his neck removed and another two fused in the hopes of ending his chronic pain from injuries suffered while running a successful bakery, his lawyer said.
He has been released on bail.
- Thomas Orefice, 33, is accused of coming up with the idea of making money off of young hookers and giving a thumbs up to adding a 15-year-old to the stable.
Orefice's underlings were "the youngest, most dangerous and most active crew," Assistant U.S. Attorney Elie Honig has said.
But when he was held without bail, he needed Percocet for a bad back, according to court records.
- Michael Scotto, 24, tested positive for opiates when he was busted. His lawyer said the drugs were actually pain meds for a back injury. The marijuana in his system went unexplained.
Scotto has been released on bail.
- Thomas Scarpaci, 35, needed his Percocet prescription when he was held in the Manhattan lockup. He also needed his Nexium for his acid reflux. He has since been released on bail.
- Steve Maiurro, 31, who reportedly rented an apartment for the 15-year-old prostitute, suffers from a ruptured disk and needs to be medically monitored while in lockup, according to court papers.


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