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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bruno Indelicato Wants Out Of Prison

Anthony "Bruno" Indelicato, the son of the murdered capo Alphonse Indelicato, is trying to get out of a 20 year prison term.  Court papers filed in Brooklyn federal court show that Indelicato has filed a habeus corpus motion, alleging that despite his guilty plea in 2008 that the government failed to disclose a letter which contained allegations against Dominick Cicale, the turncoat.  Because he wasn't aware of the letter, Indelicato, said he made an unintelligent and involuntary decision to plead guilty to the conspiracy to murder Frank Santoro, the papers stated.  The allegations about Cicale, who was a key witness in the case which led to the conviction of capo Vincent Basciano, apparently involve claims he tried to fabricate allegations of a murder plot.  Indelicato gained notoriety when his father died in the infamous 1981 Three Captains murders during a battle for control of the Bonanno family, detailed in King of The Godfathers.  The younger Indelicato had a reputation for being  uncontrollable  and out to avenge his father's death, according to undercover FBI agent Joseph Pistone. It was Pistone who remembered that Sonny Black Napolitano told him that if he found Indelicato in Florida to kill him. (Pistone never tried that). 
   Bruno ventually came back into the crime family fold and was close to Basciano. According to court testimony in Basciano's trial, Indelicato was involved in the Santoro hit in the Bronx. Prosecutors filed court papers deriding Indelicato's motion, saying the information about Cicale was widely known and that Indelicato knowingly and voluntarily plead guilty. A decision is pending.



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