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Monday, August 9, 2010

'Ice' man to testify vs. Gotti pal

John GottiImage via Wikipedia
A crooked Diamond District jeweler is cooperating with the feds and poised to testify against one of the late John Gotti's most trusted henchmen, The Post has learned.
Brian Greenwald admitted laundering a load of cash for Joseph Watts, allegedly among the mob's highest-ranking associates, records show.
Greenwald said Watts gave him $70,000 in "old $20 bills" to buy a stolen diamond.
Greenwald then resold the hot rock, giving Watts back his money in crisp new hundreds, according to the legal papers.
Greenwald, 39, ratted out Watts as part of a plea deal for engineering a botched FedEx truck hijacking in Hell's Kitchen in December 2007, according to other court records.
Lawyers for Greenwald and Watts declined comment.
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