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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cops Charged With Tipping Off The Mob

A law enforcement scandal is unfolding on Long Island.
A Suffolk County District Attorney investigator and a police officer are now charged with tipping off members of organized crime about police investigations.
One of the men was allegedly getting discounts on car repairs for the information.
Suffolk County D.A., Tom Spota, says he cannot remember anything like it.
"We could not figure out how certain information was getting to certain people, part of organized crime." According to court documents, D.A. investigator John White and Suffolk County police officer Robert Dito used their access to secure computer systems to funnel information to some unsavory characters.
Prosecutors say White helped known figures, who were "managing and protecting an illegal gambling operation controlled by organized crime."
Dito allegedly tipped off the targets of an upcoming search warrant, which would have exposed the gambling ring.
In exchange, Dito allegedly took a bribe, in the form of discount bodywork at this Ronkonkoma Repair Shop.
All this as he worked on Suffolk County's elite Emergency Services Unit.
Authorities say the Suffolk County police officer was certainly endangering the lives of other police officers.
At Dito's Manorville home, the man who came to the door claimed we had the wrong person, though he looked just like the man in the mug shot. When he closed the door, he said it would be decided in court.


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