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Friday, October 8, 2010

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano

Basciano Deadline Today: Lawyers for Vinnie Gorgeous have until October 8th to file their motion to have Judge Nicholas Garaufis step aside in the death penalty case. Now that Attorney General Eric Holder has rejected Garaufis's request that he reevaluate the need for the death penalty against Basciano, the Bronx gangster's lawyers will be asking Garaufis  to step aside. The defense feels that the judge's letter would be a powerful piece of evidence in mitigation agains the death penalty.  There also seems to be the issue of what to do with the fact that Garaufis's name is on the so-called "hit list" allegedly prepared by Basciano in jail, a list he said was just something for a Santeria rite to get him good luck in his last trial.   With the death penalty now on the table, it appears quite likely that Joseph Massino will be testifying against his old, loyal captain. Read all about Massino's life of crime as the last big Bonanno boss in "King of The Godfathers" and the hardcover "The Last Godfather."
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