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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Massino Tapes Part 3

In the photo insert of "The Last Godfather" there are side-by-side photos of Vinny Basciano and Michael Mancuso.  Though both worked together in the Bonanno family, the Massino tapes show that problems developed in late 2004, when Basciano acting as street boss gave Mancuso powers in case he (Basciano) was arrested. This was shown as Basciano talked with Massino in jail. The transcript is now on filed in Brooklyn federal court in Basciano's death penalty case.
    Basciano: My objective over here was for Joe Massino, not for Vinny Basciano. I put everybody together as a tough guy and told everybody that this is for you, it's not me. I made certain decisions over there to avoid all the bullshit of comin'back and forth in the can and I hadda make them in street. I told everybody, these decisions that I'm making aren't set in stone. If Joe wants to change 'em, he changes them. I'm doin' this right now for the good of this [borgata]. Everybody agreed. Michael Nose says Vinny, you know somethin'? I'm proud of ya. ...
   Massino: Well, there's somethin' wrong now because...
Basciano then tried to explain the problems with Mancuso.
     Basciano: The problem is over here, the first message I think that went out. What happened was, Michael might have moved too fast...after I got pinched, he went to Dominick and he started askin' Dominick questions about what I had goin' on the street. Dominick caught a delusion 'casue I know they had an argument.
     Massino: Okay, okay.
Basciano then said that it wasn't Mancuso's business what he had. But Massino interjected and said Basciano couldn't say it wasn't Mancuso's business "if it's comin' to La Cosa Nostra."  In other words any crime family business was something Mancuso had to be aware of, said Massino.



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