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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breaking News: Nicolo Rizzuto, Patriarch Of The Montreal Mafia Shot Dead In Home During Supper, Rizzuto Crime Family Finished

Nicolo Rizzuto, the 86-year-old patriarch of the Montreal Mafia for the last thirty years, was assassinated last night at his home as reported by Les Perreaux for The Globe and Mail. A gunman had set up in a wooded area behind Rizzuto's home, and shot him through a window as reported by Jessica Murphy and Brian Daly for QMI Agency. Video
It's been a tough year for the Rizzuto clan while Vito Rizzuto – the son of Nicolo and reputed boss – serves a ten-year term at a federal penitentiary in Florence, CO following his 2007 racketeering conviction involving the 1981 murder of three Bonanno capos in NYC. Last December Nick Rizzuto Jr. – Nicolo's namesake and Vito's son – was gunned down. And a slew of other top leaders have met similar fates. Last September associate Ennio Bruni was gunned down; last July family leader Agostino Cuntrera and his driver and body guard Liborio Sciascia were shot to death; last June reputed consigliere Paolo Renda apparently was kidnapped into oblivion; and in August 2009 associate Frederico Del Peschio was murdered.
Investigators believe that interloping 'Ndrangheta or Calabrian mobsters from Ontario – perhaps with the blessing of some boys from New York – may be responsible for the ongoing massacre against the Sicilian Montreal Mafia. The Rizzuto legacy has come to an inglorious end, and retired RCMP intelligence analyst Pierre de Champlain stated: "It's the end of the Rizzuto crime family. The killing is probably not over, but the family is finished."



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