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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Long Time Gambino Family Associate Sentenced To 20 Years For Racketeering Conspiracy

Don Carlo Gambino
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A Gambino crime family associate -- already serving 12-plus years for racketeering -- was slapped yesterday with another 20 by a judge who said he needed to be locked up until he's old and gray.
Edmund Boyle, 46, sat stone-faced as Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon blasted him as a "heinous and unrepentant career criminal."
"I believe if he is released anytime soon, he is committed to returning to his life of crime," she said.
McMahon noted that Boyle would have become a member of the Mafia but for its "blatant ethnic discrimination," noting pointedly that "no Irish need apply."
Boyle was convicted in January for a racketeering conspiracy that included the 1998 murder of mob rat Frank Hydell, although a jury acquitted him of actually committing the killing outside a Staten Island strip club.
Meanwhile, in Brooklyn federal court, a Genovese crime-family captain was sentenced to nine years on gambling and extortion charges.
Anthony "Tico" Antico, 75, was convicted of racketeering for running an illegal gambling parlor in Staten Island and conspiring to rob the $1 million winner of a horse-racing bet in 2008.
But he begged for a chance at a new life, with a sentence of under three years.
"I just want a chance, your honor," Antico told Judge Carol B. Amon before he was sentenced. "You'll never see me again."



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