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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rizzuto Gangster Fights Deportation Order

Moreno Gallo, convicted for the 1973 murder of Angelo Facchino and captured on police surveillance photographs in 2005 with reputed Montreal Mafia leader Nicolo Rizzuto Sr., is challenging an order by the Canada Border Services Agency to pack his bags and leave the country as reported by Adrian Humphreys for the National Post: "'There are a lot of allegations of organized crime, but the applicant has no record of that,' [his lawyer] said in court. 'They want to focus on this criminal association element but there are no convictions for it.' * * * Ian Hicks, the Crown's lawyer, argued that the government can weigh more than just convictions when making decisions. 'This was hard evidence – police wiretaps and video surveillance of the applicant fraternizing with leaders of the Mafia . . . delivering money to the heads of the Mafia.' Mr. Hicks also pointed to Gallo's admission he had acted as a mediator between the Mafia and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club."


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