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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano

Basciano gets in trouble again: Anyone who has read "King Of The Godfathers" and this website knows that Vincent Basciano has been under strict solitary confinement conditions know as SAMS, short for "special administrative measures." The SAMS were actually lifted for Basciano in September after he consented to have his communications monitored. But Basciano then changed his mind and didn't want his family visits monitored so the government put the SAMS restrictions back on.  Now prosecutor have revealed in papers filed in Brooklyn federal court that Basciano was brought up on disciplinary charges for having "unauthorized" magazines in his cell, as well as stamps and a DVD. For that he lost 30 days of commissary privileges. It wasn't clear what kind of magazines it was although prosecutors suggested it was pornographic. They said Basciano provided another inmate at the Brooklyn federal house of detention contraband such as stamps, pornographic and other DVDs in the the discovery room, where inmates can look at evidence.  Basciano also lost his family visiting privileges for 90 days after jail officials found he had a tweezers in his cell.



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