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Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Claims Son's Death A Mob Hit

A British computer software engineer found dead in New York where he was working believed he was being hunted by the Mafia.
An inquest heard yesterday how Richard Massey, 27, feared for his life and rang emergency services, but vanished while carrying airline tickets and his passport. His body was fished out of the Hudson River three months later, but only identified after almost six years in 2008.
Richard’s sister Katie Massey-Szymanski, 33, told the inquest her brother had an on/off girlfriend before he disappeared. “He talked about Lauren Dellechaiae and he seemed to be saying she had connections with the Mafia,” she said.
“She said she had an uncle who had visited a previous boyfriend and threatened to break his legs.”
Workmate Ritash Patel told British police Richard was scared and a friend Richard Graham told police: “He was concerned people had been watching him. He was worried by this girl’s family.” Mr Massey was diagnosed with depression at a hospital in New York. He was later reported missing but after a search, his family had him declared dead not realising he had already been buried as an unknown person.
Richard’s sister, a marketing manager, told the inquest: “I believe his death is a result of suspicious circumstances. “He was scared to stay in his own apartment and indicated it was to do with this girl.”
Recording an open verdict in Doncaster, Deputy Coroner Fred Curtis said the family had been “let down” by the NYPD and medical examiner over there.
The family are suing the police and medical examiners for negligence in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan.



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