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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Russian Mafia Code

Like it's American counterpart, the Russian Mafia has a code that all members must follow. They have 18 rules to love by and if you break the rules, the punishment is death.

1. The crime family is your new family. Distance yourself from your real family.
2. Do not have a family of your own. No wives or children allowed. Girlfriends are okay.
3. Have another source of income, a real job.
4. Help other members with support, but material and otherwise.
5. Never reveal anything about your cohorts and associates.
6. If necessary, take the rap for a fellow thief.
7. Hold meetings to settle disputes.
8. Freely participate in these meetings.
9. Punish the guilty parties as determined at these meetings.
10 Do not flinch from performing these unpleasant duties even though the convicted party may be a friend.
11 Learn the "Fehnay" or Russian Mafia Slang
12 Never get in over your head with gambling debts.
13 Coach and mentor younger hoodlums-in-training
14 Always maintain a network of informants among the lower echelon of criminals
15 Be able to handle your liquor, nobody likes a sloppy gangster
16 Do not mingle with the police in social situations or join any social or community clubs. The Elks Club is vertoten
17 Avoid military service, stay out of the draft
18 Always keep your work to another member of the Russian Mafia



  1. Wikipedia lists approximately the same rules except for #3 - which Wiki lists as not to have a job - make money only by theft. Interesting. Did these thugs later decide to disguise their income sources with respectable jobs? Unlikely, since their motto says that prison is their true home. Do you have it backwards, Dapper Don? Or is Wikipedia all wet?

    1. Wikipedia is right. If you want to become a made guy (or a Thief by law as they call it) you should not work anywhere. If you ever been in military service or worked some legal job you still can become a low ranking associate, but will never become a true vor. Their rules are very strict and there are so much of them that I highly doubt a person born outside ex USSR can learn them in their life time. You could say one simple word during sitdown that seems not a big deal to you and this word could end your life. Every word and how you pronounce them has very serious meaning in their world. In reality there are much more rules than 18, most of them are still unknown to ordinary citizens and you will only understand it was a rule when you actually break it, but it can be too late.

  2. they said youre not allowed wives or kids but if youre the don you need a son to take over i think and dont the other mafia people who you doing business with prefer you to have a wife something about you being more trustworthy, thats why some have arranged mariages???