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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lawyer with mobster dad barred from representing accused cop killer is under investigation

Junior Corozzo’s family ties have gotten the mob lawyer into a bind.

A Brooklyn federal judge today booted the mob-scion attorney — whose dad is is reputed Gambino consigliere Joseph "Jo Jo" Corozzo and whose uncle Nicholas is a family capo — from the defense team of a Colombo wiseguy facing murder charges.
Federal prosecutors consider Joseph Corozzo Jr. to be the "house counsel" of the Gambinos but he's also know to represent wiseguys from other families.
In the current case, Junior Corozzo was representing Dino "Little Dino" Saracino, who is charged in Brooklyn federal court with two mob rubouts.
Prosecutors alerted Judge Brian Cogan to a potential conflict of interest with Corozzo, saying the lawyer had arranged a meeting between a mobster who is now a cooperating witness and Theodore "Teddy" Persico Jr., an acting Colombo capo.
Persico and the other mobster, identified by sources as Sebastian "Sebby" Saracino, met at Corozzo’s residence in the summer of 2009 and discussed illegal loansharking and gambling debts, prosecutors said.
Saracino is expected to testify for the government against his brother Dino.
After hearing the evidence, Cogan booted Corozzo from the Dino Saracino case.
The feds also announced that Corozzo is the subject of yet another criminal investigation relating to his mob connections.
A previous probe of the attorney dates back to 2008, when Brooklyn federal prosecutors said they had intercepted Corozzo on a secretly recorded tape that showed he was involved in the mob extortion of Hudson & McCoy, a Long Island fish restaurant. Corozzo Jr. declined to comment.



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