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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go ahead and charge me with nun's murder, Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli rants in prison blog

 Suspected nun killer Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli has dared the feds to charge him with a role in the Brooklyn woman's murder nearly three decades ago. 
Gioeli, the former acting boss of the Colombo crime family, egged on prosecutors this week via his blog - which he drafts from prison while awaiting trial for six rubouts, including the killing of off-duty NYPD cop Ralph Dols.
"I demand that [Assistant U.S. Attorney] Elizabeth Geddes or FBI agent Scott Curtis charge me with the crime of killing a former nun so I have the opportunity to show the government's persecution of me and prove my innocence at trial," Gioeli ranted in a blog entry.
"They're free to slander me in the press and otherwise destroy my honorable reputation."
Federal prosecutors last week accused the mobster of participating in the 1982 slaying of former nun Veronica Zuraw, who was killed by a stray bullet during a hit on porno king Joseph Peraino and his son, Joseph Jr.
Gioeli is not charged with Zuraw's death, but the feds want to introduce evidence of his involvement in the shooting, which happened outside her Gravesend home and left Peraino paralyzed and his son dead.
Court papers say Gioeli participated in the slaying with sidekick Joseph (Junior Lollipops) Carna.
Defense lawyers tried to keep the explosive accusations under wraps until Federal Judge Brian Cogan rules on its admissibility, but the judge unsealed court papers in response to a motion by The Daily News and website Ganglandnews.
The locked-up mobster has an email account at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, and the blog, Tommy Gioeli's Voice, is co-written by his daughter, sources said.
His blog also took aim this week at mob informants who implicated him in the murder.
Former Colombo capo Dino (Big Dino) Calabro told the feds that Gioeli predicted "I'm going to hell" for killing the former nun, court papers say.
"They got a Hollywood screenwriter to come up with that line," Gioeli ranted.
Zuraw was born in the Nova Palma, a town in southern Brazil settled a century ago by Italian and German immigrants.
She was a fieldworker before becoming a nun, family members said.
"It was traditional in every Italian family that one daughter would become a nun or one son would become a priest," niece Glaucia Muller said.
Zuraw was known as Sister Mary Adelaide before leaving the Pallottine order in 1976. She gave up the vocation to marry her accountant husband, Louis, but remained a social worker.
She was fatally wounded by bullet fragments that pierced her front door as Peraino and his son were shot outside over a mob dispute apparently over "Deep Throat" film profits.


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