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Friday, May 20, 2011

Vinny Gorgeous rips into his lawyer over possible use of the defense

Vinny Gorgeous has shot down a "Daddy Dearest" defense that his lawyer hoped would persuade a jury to spare him from the death penalty.

A simmering dispute between former Bonanno boss Vincent Basciano and his lawyer over introducing evidence that the mobster was physically abused by his father as a child spilled into court Friday.

"It never happened judge!" Basciano shouted to Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

The outburst came as defense lawyer Richard Jasper - who will try next week to save Basciano from death row - was explaining to the judge that there are complicated "family dynamics" and he needed more time to work them out.

Basciano vigorously shook his head and waved his hands toward the judge, indicating that there was no need for more debate.

"He mouthed the word 'no,' and he's communicating to me through sign language," Garaufis observed.

The jury that convicted Basciano earlier this week of ordering the murder of mob associate Randolph Pizzolo will return Tuesday to consider factors that argue for and against a death sentence.

The childhood abuse is one of the mitigating factors raised by the defense - along with the argument that Basciano's life "has value," according to court papers.

But Basciano has refused to throw father Jerry Basciano under the bus to save himself.

The ex-mob boss was subjected to severe and frequent beatings by his raging father, sometimes while trying to protect his mother, The Daily News reported in March.

The beatings were apparently fueled by his father's drinking, Basciano's former lawyers told The News.

Vincent Basciano harbors no ill will toward his father and has encouraged his own sons to stay in touch with "Grandpa Jerry," the lawyers said.


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