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Friday, May 27, 2011

Massino admits failing two lie detector tests with the FBI

It was an unexpected moment in the death penalty phase of Vincent Basciano's case when former boss Joseph Massino blurted out that he had failed two lie detector tests with the FBI.  That fact had been known for years but by court order wasn't supposed to be brought out on cross examination by the defense.  But as reported in Newsday, Massino suddenly mentioned it as a way of justifying why he decided to secretly tape Basciano while both were in jail.  It was on that tape that Basciano made comments which indicated he had earlier spoken to Massino about wanting to hit a prosecutor.  Massino in testimony said Basciano first mentioned the idea about a month earlier out of anger for the way prosecutor Greg Andres was treating mob wives. But on tape Basciano demurred, saying that it was a bad idea and to forget about it.  Prosecutor Andres was never harmed.  Basciano faces the death penalty after being convicted for killing mob associate Randolph Pizzolo.  The death penalty phase will continue after the Memorial Day weekend.



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