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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Renee Graziano on fight: 'Why didn't I crack her?'

Regrets, she has a few.
Renee Graziano -- the tough-talking, hair-pulling diva at the core of the VH1 show "Mob Wives" -- wishes she'd been filmed with better cameras "because I don't want to look so fat."
Sometimes she's disappointed to see herself act like a "loud, foul-mouthed drama queen." And if she hadn't been blinded by rage, she would have done things differently during the dinner-party-turned-wild-brawl shown in this week's episode.
"Why didn't I crack her?" she said about with fellow "Mob Wife" Carla Facciolo. She was still furious after watching the show Sunday night from the couch in her Staten Island home. "I'm not violent. I don't raise my hands ever. I would never hit somebody. But I should have broken her f- - -ing jaw."
FIGHT CLUB: Renee Graziano (left) and Carla Facciolo get into a knock-down fight on Sunday night's 'Mob Wives.'
FIGHT CLUB: Renee Graziano (left) and Carla Facciolo get into a knock-down fight on Sunday night's "Mob Wives."
The fight with Facciolo took place months ago, but the wounds are still raw.
Graziano and fellow cast member Karen Gravano watched Sunday's episode together -- for the first time -- both still fuming over their spats with Facciolo and Drita D'avanzo.
"Ooh, I'm so on fire right now!" Graziano yelled at the screen.
The show's success has ushered in a new kind of fame for Renee and Karen, whose fathers, Anthony Graziano and former underboss and federal cooperator Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, were high-ranking mobsters.
"To me, it's a little crazy being under a microscope and people picking it apart, especially with me and Renee, when we come from this world," Gravano said. "I'm sure deep down inside, my family didn't want me to do it . . . I can honestly say there's mixed emotions."
Graziano, who says she no longer speaks to her father, said her mother "wishes America could see the softer, funnier side of me."
She has 23,000 followers on Twitter and her celebrity fans include 50 Cent, Pilar Sanders and Joan Rivers, who called her "my favorite mob wife." As for those who don't like the show, she tells them, "Change the f- - -ing channel.
"I usually watch the show alone on Sundays, and then I don't talk to anyone until Tuesday . . . I'm my own worst critic," Graziano says.
Watching herself on TV has been a learning experience, she says.
"I've learned that I do not need to call my ex-husband to solve all my problems," Renee says. "I learned that I'm a great mother -- and I learned that I'm a big mouth."
Now that shooting is over, the "Mob Wives" see each other only on occasion.
"Do I like them every day? Maybe once a week I like them," Graziano said before Sunday's show aired.
After the episode, she said she'd realized "people you think are your friends aren't" -- and said it may be time to get rid of them.
Trying to stay neutral while watching Sunday night with Graziano and Gravano was Jennifer Graziano -- the show's creator (and Renee's sister) -- who had an uncredited cameo in the episode, as a blurred figure trying to break up the fight. She ran downstairs after watching it unfold from a monitor in a bedroom, she recalled.
"When that fight was happening, I wasn't thinking anything about the show," Jennifer said. "It was all about separating my friends and keeping them from going somewhere they'd regret."


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