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Friday, June 24, 2011

Man who stabbed celeb pizzeria owner suspected of 'at least four' murders, says FBI agent

The man who stabbed a Brooklyn celebrity pizzeria owner is a Gambino crime family associate suspected of committing "at least four" murders — including the execution-style hit of a suspected drug dealer in a Carroll Gardens park, an FBI agent testified today.
Benny Geritano, 38, was the man "pulling the trigger" in the mob murder of Roy Fedeli, who was shot in the head in Carroll Park in June 1998, said Theodore Otto, an FBI agent and Gambino expert.
The victim’s wife and child ran for safety during the hit, which was carried out in front of witnesses in the leafy park that lies at the center of the now-tony brownstone neighborhood.
Benny Geritano at Brooklyn Federal Court.
Benny Geritano at Brooklyn Federal Court.

Geritano was arrested in April after a knife duel with Mark Iacono, the owner of Lucali pizzeria in Carroll Gardens. Both men were charged after suffering injuries in the brawl, but this week the Brooklyn DA’s Office dropped the charges when neither man cooperated with the investigation.
At a probation hearing today in Brooklyn federal court, the ex-con made the unusual decision for a mobster to testify in his own defense.
Geritano spoke with a chilling nonchalance about various assaults, admitting that he knifed Iacono but only in self-defense after an argument over "family issues."
"I stabbed him — absolutely — throughout his body," Geritano told Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr.
Annette Angeloni, Geritano’s current girlfriend and the ex-gal pal of Iacono, quietly listened to the testimony.
Other new allegations of Geritano’s violent past came to light, including the ex-con’s admission that he stabbed yet another man following a dispute in the past.
Assistant US Attorney Jack Dennehy asked Geritano about the knifing of Anthony Farisi, an acquaintance, following an argument.
"Did you ever stab him?" Dennehy asked.
"Yeah — he might of got stabbed," Geritano answered on the witness stand, before correcting himself and saying, "I don’t recall myself stabbing him."
The feds also unveiled new details about allegations that Geritano plotted bank burglaries while on probation. The judge will rule next week on whether Geritano should return to prison for violating his probation after a past bank burglary conviction.


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