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Monday, January 23, 2012

Colombo Snitch's Daughters Sue FBI for House

Four daughters of a defector who snitched on the Colombo crime family sued their mother and the FBI, demanding the deed to their late father's house.
     Paul Bevacqua died on Nov. 11, 2011. In a complaint in Suffolk County Court, four of his five daughters claim the FBI gave their father a security and alarm system, but did not put him in the witness protection program.
     After their father died, the daughters say, the FBI prevented them from entering the house.
     Plaintiffs Vita Bevacqua Ortolani and Caroline Bevacqua Miller claim they conveyed the house and property to the Bevacqua Family Trust by deed of Nov. 6, 1998.
     "The trust agreement provided, inter alia, that upon the death of Paul Bevacqua, the entire trust estate, consisting of no less than the premises, was to be divided one-fifth (1/5th) to plaintiff Vita Bevacqua Ortolani, one-fifth (1/5th) to plaintiff Pauline Bevacqua Levin, one-fifth (1/5th) to Rosalie Bevacqua and one-fifth (1/5th) to plaintiff Francesca Bevacqua Spilabotte," according to the complaint.
     A fifth daughter, Rosalie Bevacqua-Verderame, renounced her share of the property, and is not a party to lawsuit, according to the complaint.
     "On January 3, 2012, at approximately 7:30 p.m., plaintiffs Caroline Bevacqua-Miller and Vita Bevacqua Ortolani attempted to gain entrance to the premises as record owners of the premises," the complaint states.
     "While attempting to gain entrance and to thereafter secure the premises, the Suffolk County Police Department and an agent of the defendant FBI arrived at the premises.
     "Upon arrival of a representative of the defendant FBI, those of the plaintiffs who were then at the premises were advised that they had no right to enter the premises were advised that they had no right to enter the premises or to secure the same. ...
     "On a subsequent occasion, a special agent of the defendant FBI advised that plaintiffs were not entitled to possession of the premises, nor had any right to gain access to the same, or to secure the premises, and that such rights belonged to defendant Linda Moreno Bevacqua.
     "On subsequent occasions, counsel purporting to represent defendant Linda Moreno Bevacqua stated that said defendant was the rightful owner of the premises and that plaintiff had no right to access, use or secure the premises."
     The daughters seek judgment that they have exclusive right to the property, and their mother has none. They also want the FBI ordered to remove all surveillance, locks and alarms from the property.
     They are represented by Barry L. Warren with Cohen & Warren, of Smithtown.



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