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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Former mobster's wild night may have violated probation

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Robert Kulick was arrested Wednesday after allegedly taking as many as 40 pills and calling his estranged wife, Michelle Mattioli-Kulick, and members of her family. His 2011 release from prison included a set of behavior guidelines, and Kulick is also barred from contacting Mattioli-Kulick, her family or their Bear Creek Township home due to a protection-from-abuse order.

Former mob associate Robert Kulick could be headed back to federal prison after his arrest Wednesday following a wild Valentine's night of allegedly popping pills and threatening his estranged wife in violation of a protection order, the chief of the federal probation office in Scranton said.
"We are on top of this case and monitoring it very closely," the chief, Anthony Harvilla, said Thursday.
Kulick, 63, has been on probation, and subject to a stringent set of behavior guidelines, since his release from federal prison last March following a 17-month sentence on a weapons charge.
"Any violation of the law," could constitute a probation violation and compel a judge to tighten Kulick's probation guidelines or send him back to prison.
Federal probation officers, notified of Kulick's arrest shortly after it happened, have already notified the court and are preparing a confidential recommendation for additional sanctions.
The officers - who use unannounced visits, regular meetings and a national arrest database to monitor defendants - often follow up on arrests with their own investigations, Harvilla said.
There is no timetable for possible action on Kulick, Harvilla said. In some cases, Harvilla said, a judge will wait until after an arrest and conviction before modifying the terms of a defendant's probation or sending the person back to prison.
An attorney for Kulick did not return a telephone message Thursday.
Kulick, 63, consumed as many as 40 pills, according to a police incident report, and alarmed a friend when he called Tuesday evening sounding as if he were in a stupor.
Throughout the night, police said, Kulick made at least a half-dozen phone calls to his wife, Michelle Mattioli-Kulick, and her family and sent multiple text messages.
Mattioli-Kulick obtained a protection-from-abuse order Jan. 27 barring Kulick from contact with her, their children or their Bear Creek Township home.
Police arrested Kulick around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, just as he was being discharged from the emergency room at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township after eight hours of treatment for a suspected prescription drug overdose.
Kulick, a former associate of jailed mob boss William "Big Billy" D'Elia, served 17 months of his original 37-month sentence in a federal prison at Fort Dix, N.J. Munley ordered Kulick free after recognizing that an uncharged crime had been factored into his original sentence.
A hearing on whether Mattioli-Kulick's protection-from-abuse order should be made permanent, was postponed Thursday.
According to a criminal complaint filed with Pocono Mountain Regional Police, Kulick made at least a half-dozen calls to the home in Long Pond, Monroe County where Mattioli-Kulick has lived since filing for divorce in December.
Kulick then sent text messages to the sister-in-law asking to speak with Mattioli-Kulick's mother, Rose. He continued with a barrage of texts, advising the family that he was "doing a live interview" Wednesday and warned, "be prepared everyone."
"I'm afraid for my children, myself and my family," Mattioli-Kulick said in the criminal complaint.



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