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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gambino associate sinks global plea deal

It was an offer he could refuse.
A reputed Gambino crime family associate backed out of a plea deal today in a move that will force three co-defendants to go to trial.
John Brancaccio had agreed last week to take part in a "global" agreement to resolve the charges against him and four other alleged mobsters busted in last year's massive Mafia crackdown.
But Brancaccio changed his mind at the last minute in Manhattan federal court after prosecutors said he couldn't seek less than 15-plus years in the slammer for racketeering and other crimes.
Defense lawyer Robert Ray said Brancaccio wanted credit for more than six years he spent behind bars for three previous convictions for assault and drug dealing.
Brancaccio's abrupt decision came too late for co-defendant Sean Dunn, who tried in vain to make his guilty plea yesterday for dealing pot contingent on everyone else abiding by their agreement.
It also led the lawyer for co-defendant Todd LaBarca -- who was prepared to plead guilty today guilty in the 2002 execution-style murder of an alleged drug dealer -- to tell the judge: "I feel emasculated standing before your honor."
The busted global deal would not have included reputed former Gambino consigliere Joseph "Jo Jo" Corozzo, who has a pending appeal over the charges against him.


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