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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mob boss laments loss of favorite juror during rambling radio spot

Maybe he got the nickname for shooting his mouth off.
Accused Mafia big Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli took a break from his murder and racketeering trial to lament the loss of his “favorite juror” during a radio interview from jail.
“This guy was right on the ball. We loved him and we didn’t hide the fact,” Gioeli said of the man he identified as “Juror No. 5,” a man with long dreadlocks who was dismissed from the panel last week.
Juror 5 was dismissed after a mysterious encounter at his home with “an Italian gentleman” led him to believe the mob knew who he was, Gioeli claimed in his interview with 970-AM radio talker Frank Morano, which was also posted online.
THOMAS GIOELI - Rants against FBI.
Rants against FBI.
But Gioeli insisted he had nothing to do with any attempt to intimidate the juror, and instead charged that it was the prosecution that was happy to see him go.
“To lose him, in my opinion, was terrible,” he said, explaining that on the questionnaire potential jurors have to fill out, the man said he’d have a hard time believing testimony from mob turncoats because they’re paid by the feds.
“The prosecution team . . . had smiles from ear to ear, like the cat that caught the canaries. I don’t know what was behind it but . . . we wind up losing a good juror,” Gioeli said.
In the rambling interview, the alleged Colombo crime family street boss also disparaged the wife of a mob turncoat as “a terrible mother” who “fed her kids Nyquil when she wanted a night out on the town. She would put them to sleep.”
And he blasted the FBI as “a berserk agency” that terrorized his wife and daughters when they raided his home armed with machine guns.
“It was a disgraceful act. If there was a man home, I don’t think they would have behaved that way. They’re a berserk agency, they’re out of control,” Gioeli fumed.
He also ripped the feds for losing the transcript of Joseph “Joey Caves” Competiello’s confession to crimes for which Gioeli is also charged.
“Joey evidently said something they didn’t want to use, so they destroyed it. It’s all one big ball of s--t and I’m on the end of it. You might expect this in Iran or Afghanistan — not in the United States of America.”
But he seemed most vexed about losing Juror No. 5, who he thought was likely to be sympathetic to his defense.
“Supposedly he sees a guy, an Italian guy, an Italian gentleman with a duffel bag in front of his house, and the guy sees him and the guy runs away, and now he’s a little concerned,” Gioeli said.
The juror shared his concerns with the judge, who then dismissed him from the panel. The feds would not specify the reasons for his dismissal.
“I don’t know what was behind it, but he was a definite, definite supporter of justice on the jury that we lost because of all this nonsense,” Gioeli said.


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