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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mob Wives smell a rat in latest episode

In one swoop, Renee Graziano lost the two most important men in her life, taken into Federal custody. Coincidence? Maybe, but not likely. Rumors of her ex-husband Junior Pagan's betrayal that involved giving up his father-in-law swirled among her circle of friends.
Ramona met Big Ang at her bar, the Drunken Money, to fill her in on the baffling turn of events that sent Renee reeling, including Junior's decision to turn himself over to the police right before Thanksgiving. The two also offered a glimpse into the twisted world they were bred in. Ramona reminisced about the wonderful man her grandfather (Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero) was and how he lost his battle with cancer one Thanksgiving. She lamented, "He was the real definition of what we're lacking today in a gangster...He did his time like a real man should do."
Ang agreed, "Today, there's no loyalty." And for the Mob Wives, who were recently profiled by the New York Times, loyalty is everything.
At Monaco's Bakery and Café in Brooklyn, Drita and Carla talked about how odd it was for Junior to just leave a letter without so much as a goodbye. The ensuing drama got Drita to thinking it was time to take her kids to visit their father Lee, still serving time in prison. She noted the irony of the strong desire to protect her children from the crime lifestyle yet the realization that they would be faced with visiting a jail on a regular basis to see their loved one.
Karen 4.1.12.jpgKaren Gravano and the rest of the women are shocked at Junior's ruthless betrayal.
Her "supermom" armor was slightly weakened with emotions when she realized her youngest daughter wasn't even aware that she had a father or any desire to go visit him.
Ramona invited Renee over for dinner and drinks at her house to try and snap her out of her depressed isolation. Junior's betrayal hadn't fully surfaced yet, so Renee joked about sticking by Junior no matter what. "I'm like herpes, I'm never gonna go away," she said. But when Karen arrived ready to clink glasses and celebrate their good health on the heels of Thanksgiving, Renee snapped, "What the [expletive] are we celebrating? My kid is at the edge. I can't celebrate...I can't sit here and pretend this isn't happening in my life."
Though she wanted to remain in a shell under her covers at home, Big Ang managed to crack a smile and a laugh out of Renee – and who else would but her? She rounded up Ramona, Karen and Renee and took them out for a show, a drag queen show that is. "I love when they talk with their voices. Kinda sounds like my voice a little," Big Ang noted.
The comedic atmosphere was drowned out though after Carla and Drita met for food and drinks a la Renee gossip round two. Drita heard rumors about Junior that "he flipped." It's crazy and it can't be true. Yet, it was posted on Gangland News by their hailed journalist Jerry Capeci, who according to Drita, Carla and Karen – hey, they can agree on something!—never gets anything wrong.
Ramona and Karen dished on the situation at iL Sogno in Annadale and agreed that they need to be there for Renee as times are only going to get harder. With the tables turned, it looks like Karen can wholeheartedly forgive Season One Renee who shouted, "A rat is a rat is a rat. A snitch is a snitch."
The episode ended with Renee weeping in the chapel on the grounds of St. Paul's Alba House while Big Ang slapped down a copy of a New York Post article on the counter at her sister's store. An initial rumor and fear became a reality: Junior wore a wire to bust Renee's father to reduce his own sentence.

Quotable: "Sit in the [expletive] cell and rot there. But don't take everyone down and then run and go [expletive] to Friday's and eat [expletive] cheeseburgers." – Drita D'Avanzo



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