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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Former Colombo crime boss Tommy Shots blogs that God was on his side in the jury room

HE SAYS he’s going to hell for whacking a former nun, but Colombo crime boss Thomas Gioeli is still on speaking terms with God.
In his first public statement since a Brooklyn jury acquitted him of six gangland murders last week, Tommy Shots blogged from prison that he owes the stunning verdict to divine intervention. He gave no credit to his defense team.
Of course, the jury knew Gioeli was a religious wiseguy — mob rat Dino Calabro testified that Gioeli passed the order to kill former underboss William "Wild Bill" Cutolo in the rosary garden of a Long Island church.
“I am so loved and blessed by our Heavenly Father that if I was to pass in the night it would be as the richest man,” Gioeli stated in an email from the Metropolitan Detention Center, where he is still being held without bail because the jury convicted him of racketeering.
“So when, through God’s grace, my jury said not guilty five times and not proven 28 times at the conclusion of my recent federal trial for RICO and multiple murders, I was humbled, as well as reminded, just how much our God, our Heavenly Father, loves me and all of us,” he said, referring to his wife and four daughters.
Federal prosecutors were poised to present evidence to the jury that Gioeli had confessed to Calabro he was “going to hell” for the death of ex- nun Veronica Zuraw, fatally wounded by a stray bullet during a gangland rubout in Brooklyn.
William Cutolo Jr. said he is still outraged by the jury’s failure to convict on the substantial evidence that Gioeli and co-defendant Dino Saracino killed his father in 1997.


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