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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Former con ousted from job at MTA after newspaper exposes his past

James Roemer, convicted in 2003 of orchestrating a $10 million ripoff during MTA headquarters renovation, got boot from East Side Access tunnel project after Daily News exposed his crooked past to transit authority.

Jimmy Roemer's past keeps catching up with him.
Roemer was removed from a gig managing payroll at the MTA’s biggest construction site last week after the Daily News told officials about his crooked ways — he had previously done prison time for helping a mob-run payroll scam loot $10 million from the same authority.
Now Roemer could get tossed from his union, the crane operators’ Local 14. Its court-appointed lawyer, George Stamboulidis, a former prosecutor in mob cases, recently moved to expel Roemer from the union permanently — arguing that Roemer’s fleecing of the MTA “furthered the influence of the Genovese crime family,” court papers filed April 25 state.
Roemer pleaded guilty nine years ago to the scheme to skim cash from the MTA’s renovation of its downtown Manhattan headquarters.
He admitted he padded hours for workers and put nonexistent employees on the payroll. At the time, he was treasurer of Local 14, a union prosecutors charge has been mob-controlled for decades.
He served three years in prison. After completing his probation in 2009, he landed a job on the MTA’s $7.3 billion East Side Access tunnel under the East River.
By November, he was managing payroll for more than 100 Local 14 members working on the tunnel.


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