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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bail for Big Ang's son slashed to $15,000

The son of a "Mob Wives" star had his bail slashed today to $15,000 after his lawyer argued that his mom's pseudo fame caused it to be set at $200,000 one day earlier.
Anthony "AJ" D'Onofrio - the accused drug-dealer son of Angela "Big Ang" Raiola - had his price for freedom cut by Justice Mark Dwyer, who admitted he was clueless about the VH1 reality show.
"Oh, that's the case everyone is talking about..." Dwyer said. "I'm the only person who doesn't know anything about this."
Defense lawyer Lance Lazarro argued for the reduced bail, claiming prosecutors had asked for a pumped-up bail because of D'Onofrio's famous family member.
Prosecutor Timothy Gearon fired back that the allegation was "preposterous."
D'Onofrio, 23, is charged with selling cocaine to an undercover detective in December, and with steering the cop to a pal who could sell him "blues" - street slang for the prescription drug.
He and four other men were charged Monday with conspiracy and criminal sale of a controlled substance.
While Lazarro says his client maintains his innocence and is in a program to help him stay clean, prosecutors say they have recordings of him discussing the alleged drug operation.
Big Ang, who pleaded guilty in 2003 to drug charges, was a no-show in court for a second straight day.


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