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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Big Ang's son AJ denies selling cocaine and oxycodone

A.J. Donofrio, 23, son of "Mob Wives" star Angela (Big Ang) Riola,
The son of a "Mob Wives" star denied following in his mother's path when he was arraigned Wednesday for conspiracy and drug dealing.
A.J. Donofrio, 23, son of Angela "Big Ang" Riola of the mafia-themed reality show, was busted with four pals for allegedly selling cocaine and oxycodone following a covert operation.
Investigators unearthed sales of some 700 pills, netting over $1,400, prosecutors alleged.
Donofrio sold two bags of coke to an undercover officer last December and was later caught on tape discussing "prices as well as supplies" with the crew's ringleader, said assistant district attorney Timothy Gearon.
"He said he didn't do it," countered defense lawyer Lance Lazzaro. "He's denying it."
Riola, 52, pleaded guilty in 2003 to selling cocaine to an undercover and was sentenced to probation.
The sprightly star of the VH1 hit show was not present in Brooklyn Supreme Court, but other relatives filled a row of seats. Some of them showcased the penchant for plastic surgery and skimpy outfits that "Mob Wives" characters are known for.
Donofrio, 23, has a recurring role in the program, which is set in Staten Island.
He was indicted along with Michael Donovan, Robert Ottofaro, Mohamed Farraj and Antonio Deangelis, all 22. They face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.
A judge ordered Donofrio held on a $200,000 bail, which his lawyer said he will fight in a scheduled hearing Thursday.


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