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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mob captain's trial heads to jury as there is no mention of his secret FBI informant status

The fate of reputed mob captain Mark Rossetti will soon be in the jury's hands after lawyers delivered closing arguments in the case at Suffolk Superior Court Wednesday afternoon.

The jury is deliberating whether Rossetti and co-defendant Yasmani Quezada orchestrated a 2010 break-in of a Roslindale apartment to get drugs and money, but Rossetti's alleged sordid past as a feared Mafioso, suspected killer and FBI informant has been kept out of the trial.

During the two-week trial, prosecutors played secretly recorded phone calls for the jury which they say show Rossetti and Quezada planned the robbery that was executed by two others.

But the defense calls it circumstantial evidence, pointing out the two defendants didn't actually break into the apartment.

"The Commonwealth has a number of pieces. And they have a theory which you've heard. But the pieces, when you look at all the evidence, don't fit together," said defense attorney Thomas McKean, who is representing Rossetti.

 "Every piece of the puzzle fits. When you go back into deliberating room, I urge you to look at all the pieces. They fit. They fit. He doesn't want them to fit. He wants to make you think they don't fit," countered Assistant Attorney General Dean Mazzone.

Deliberations will begin Thursday after Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke finishes instructing the jury.

Even if Rossetti is found not guilty, he won't be off the hook. He's still going to be tried in Essex Superior Court on other charges, including extortion and drug trafficking.


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