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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Witness says mobster was playing the board game Clue when underboss was whacked

 Michelle Fama
Accused killer Frank Guerra loves to solve a murder.
So says his former mob associate’s ex-wife, who testified Thursday that Guerra wasn’t anywhere near the rubout of a rival gangster in 1993.
Michelle Fama told Brooklyn Federal Court jurors that she, Guerra and his moll were playing the board game Clue on the night Colombo underboss Joseph Scopo was ambushed with machine guns in Queens.
“We were playing a game of Clue,” Fama said with a chuckle. “I know it sounds silly, but we happened to like it.”
The alleged alibi goes in the face of what Russo, a former Colombo capo who turned government witness, had testified earlier in Guerra’s murder and extortion trial.
Russo said Guerra had cooked up the Clue story as cover for the hit on Scopo, who was the 12th and final victim in the crime family’s bloody civil war.
Prosecutors indicated they may call Guerra’s girlfriend to rebut Fama’s account and to say a defense investigator had asked her to offer the same alibi — a contention defense lawyer Gerald McMahon strongly refuted. But they didn’t call her to the stand.
Fama never explained why she testified on Guerra’s behalf. But she described her marriage with Russo as “very difficult.”


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