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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mobster charged with two murders and extorting pizzeria owner over recipe

A federal prosecutor promised a Brooklyn jury Monday plenty of blood with a slice of red sauce in the racketeering trial of a reputed Colombo mobster.
Francis "BF" Guerra is charged with participating in two gangland murders — and extorting dough out of a pizza maker he suspected of stealing a secret recipe from his in-laws’ famed Brooklyn restaurant.
Guerra allegedly threatened Eugene Lombardo, a former employee of L&B Spumoni Gardens, for copying the eatery’s tomato sauce when he opened a pizza joint called The Square in Staten Island.
“Guerra confronted the pizza maker, demanded money from him and hit him,” Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Allon Lifshitz said in his opening statement.
L&B Spumoni Gardens’ thick Sicilian slice is considered among the best in the city by pizza experts.
Guerra’s trial is also expected to have lots of gore.
He is charged with participating in the rubouts of rival underboss Joe Scopo, who was shot during the Colombo civil war in 1993, and Staten Island nightclub owner Michael Devine, who was whacked for dating the wife of former Colombo acting boss Alphonse Persico.


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