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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Former New England mob boss moved out of Rhode Island jail

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The former mob boss of the New England mob has been moved out of the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls and is on his way to another prison to serve out the rest of his sentence, the Target 12 Investigators have learned.
Luigi "Baby Shacks" Manocchio, 85, of Providence, was transported Friday from the Central Falls facility where he has been housed since February 2011, multiple sources tell Target 12. One source said it could take "several days" for the US Marshals service to transport him to the prison where he will continue to serve his 5 1/2 year sentence.
The Wyatt Detention Center is a temporary facility to house US Marshal detainees waiting for trial or in the process of being transported to a permanent prison.
Reached by phone his attorney Joseph Balliro Sr. said he was not aware that his client was moved, but he said that isn't unusual.
"I've had inmates taken out of a shower and told 'it's time to go,'" Balliro said.
During sentencing in May, Balliro asked U.S. District Court Judge William Smith to recommend his client be moved to Florida because of health concerns.
Asked what is ailing Manocchio, Balliro said he's "doing reasonably" well for a man of his age.
"He's got the customary problems of an 85 year-old," Balliro said.
He said he does not know where Manocchio will end up, but is happy to know he is no longer at the Wyatt.
"Everything about it is lousy," Balliro said. "The confinement conditions, the food, the visits, everything is lousy about it."
Sources tell Target 12 Manocchio will not end up in Florida but is moving to a warmer climate.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons website puts Manocchio's status as "in transit."
Once he reaches his new home, Manocchio will have roughly four years left to serve. He's been in federal custody since his arrest in January 2011 when he was picked up at Fort Lauderdale airport about to board a plane back to Providence. It took nearly a month to get the aging mobster back to Rhode Island to face charges.
Manocchio pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy for shaking down strip clubs for protection money.
In all nine defendants have been charged in a sweeping crackdown into organized crime. Seven men have pleaded guilty and two are still headed for trial.



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