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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gambino informant sentenced to time served for extraordinary cooperation

He’s a super rat.
A mob informant who turned on John “Junior” Gotti two weeks before they were slated to stand trial together was sentenced today to time served by a judge who hailed his “truly extraordinary” cooperation with the feds.
Former Gambino crime family soldier Joseph “Little Joey” D’Angelo “seems to have really turned his life around” since switching sides in 2005 and helping bring down at least 40 “violent and dangerous” gangsters, Manhattan federal Judge Shira Scheindlin said.
“He’s surely burned his bridges with his former partners in crime,” she added.
D’Angelo — who pleaded guilty to a slew of racketeering crimes, including two mob murders — even got a measure of thanks from one of his victims, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, who survived a 1992 attempted hit in which D’Angelo served as the driver.
Sliwa said D’Angelo “was the only one who could tell my story” because triggerman Michael Yannotti stuck to the Mafia code of silence about Sliwa’s taxicab kidnapping and shooting on the Lower East Side.
D’Angelo — a government-protected witness who Scheindlin said was running a “pizza restaurant business” with his fiancee — said: “I want everyone to know my life of crime is behind me. I feel thankful for the opportunity to start again.”
Also yesterday, a reputed Gambino associate who claims to suffer from “debilitating” back pain was locked up for allegedly going on a “rampage” against a pal he blamed for his impending trip to the slammer.
Robert “Cousin Bobby” Napolitano kicked a chair into his buddy’s TV set, then tossed a snack table at his head during the June 15 dust-up in Elmont, Long Island, FBI agent Robert Herbster testified.
Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman revoked Napolitano’s $2 million bond, saying his violence put the lie to claims that spinal arthritis, “severe degenerative disc disease” and other ailments left Napolitano too ill to spend up to four-plus years behind bars for serving as a mob enforcer and debt collector.


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