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Monday, June 11, 2012

Feds urge judge to go easy on former Gambino member

A mob turncoat who testified over four trials that John A. "Junior" Gotti ordered the 1992 attack on Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa has been an “exemplary cooperating witness,” the feds said Monday.
In new court papers, prosecutors urged a Manhattan judge to go easy on the snitch, former Gambino mobster Joseph "Little Joey" D’Angelo, when he is sentenced July 10.
Sliwa was shot several times at point-blank range and gravely wounded when he was ambushed in a taxi being driven by D’Angelo.
The shooter was a mob associate who was hiding in the cab when Sliwa got in it.
Prosecutors say it was payback for Sliwa badmouthing Gotti’s father.
Junior Gotti’s four trials over five years ended in hung juries.


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