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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mobster turned FDNY firefighter gets 27 months in prison for cocaine dealing

Anthony Cilento, a Brooklyn firefighter and alleged mob associate.
A DISGRACED FDNY firefighter linked by prosecutors to the Bonanno crime family was sentenced Monday to 27 months in prison for being a member of a cocaine crew that hawked drugs in Brooklyn.
Anthony "December" Cilento, who worked out of Ladder 166 in Coney Island, has been jailed for a year and pleaded with the judge to go easy on him so he could return home to his wife and 2-year-old son.
“There hasn’t been a night during during my incarceration that hasn’t been sleepless and me staring at the ceiling of my cell because of my shame and embarrassment,” Cilento, 33, told Federal Judge Brian Cogan as he asked to be sentenced to time served. “I swear, I’ll never do anything again that will cause me to be separated from my son.”
Cilento pleaded guilty to being part of a crew that delivered dope to the homes of its customers in Brooklyn — a gig he quit after joining the Bravest in 2008.
There’s no evidence that Cilento, a Marine Corps sergeant who served in Kosovo, was a drug dealer after entering the Fire Academy.
Still, prosecutors charged he remained an active member of dead Bonanno soldier Anthony Seccafico’s mob crew.
Cilento took a swipe at prosecutors, saying he had been given a chance to walk away from the charges in exchange for becoming a snitch. “I’m a man of integrity. I will not lie or exaggerate the truth to harm someone else,” he said.


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