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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rising star in the Gambino crime family gets 10 years

One of the leaders of the Gambino organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra, was sentenced to over 10 years in prison by the Manhattan federal court on July 26.
Alphonse Trucchio—one of the youngest mobsters to be made a captain in mafia history—previously pledged guilty on Feb. 17, for narcotics trafficking, assault, illegal gambling, and loansharking—which is the collecting of credit at extortionate rates.
“They can’t take my honor,” said capo Alphonse Trucchio, 35, as marshals escorted him from the courtroom after sentencing in Manhattan Federal Court.
Although this mafia traditionally purportedly spurned drug trafficking, Trucchio looked over a large drug trafficking ring, which operated primarily in Queens, New York. He rose to power after his father was given a life sentence in 2005. He joined the crime family at age 20, and became its leader 10 years later. He is currently 35 years old.
“Alphonse Trucchio rose to a leadership position in the Gambino crime family at a young age, and his future may have seemed bright—but now the life he chose has led, as it has for so many others in the mafia, to living behind bars,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

In addition to time behind bars, Trucchio has also been sentenced to five years of supervised release. He must pay $100,000 in forfeiture, and a $500 special assessment fee.



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