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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bronx gambling members plead guilty and get released

Seven men pleaded guilty yesterday in connection with a $2 million-a-year Bronx gambling ring linked to the Genovese crime family as an eighth defendant — an FDNY firefighter — weighed a possible plea deal.
Suspended firefighter Thomas McMahon, 29, is accused of taking bets, paying out winnings and collecting debts for the ring.
McMahon, who had worked at Ladder Co. 38 in Belmont before his bust in February, briefly appeared in Bronx Supreme Court yesterday.
He may return next week for a possible guilty plea, said his lawyer, Michael Marinaccio.
Six of McMahon’s co-defendants — Joseph Sarcinella, Frank Mastracchio, Dominick Totino, Dominick Pietranico, Bruno Travostino and William Cali — pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of enterprise corruption, gambling, usury and conspiracy. They each were given a conditional discharge and fined $200.
Sarcinella is a longtime reputed Gambino mobster with a prior gambling conviction.
A seventh defendant, John D’Ambrosio, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to time served.
“It’s a blessing,” said 81-year-old Travostino. “A discharge is a wonderful thing. I’m happy to be free.” But, you know, I hardly even knew these guys. I’m a follower — I always have been.”
“My memory isn’t what it’s used to be. Sometimes I forget why I’m even here [in court]. But it’s over now — to hell with it.”


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