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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Former mobster who claimed he speaks to the dead convicted of 1992 murder

His mystic journey will likely end in prison.
An accused Mafioso-turned-mystic who claims he has spoken with the dead and seen the afterlife was convicted yesterday of acting as the getaway driver for a 1992 hit on a Genovese crime-family capo in The Bronx.
“I love you, I love you all,” Paul “Doc” Gaccione, 65, told his weeping daughter and girlfriend as he was led out of a Bronx Supreme Court room after jurors convicted him in the murder of Angelo Sangiuolo.
“I’ll be OK. I’ll do my work in here,” said Gaccione, who faces a maximum prison sentence of 25 years to life.
The devout Catholic is the author of an autobiography entitled “Beyond the Beyond: My Journey to Destiny,” which details how his deceased mother supposedly appeared to him in 2008 to assure him there is life after death, a message Gaccione wanted to share with the world.
Gaccione’s daughter, Gina King, 42, sobbed, “He’s going to a hell hole. He’s a good person.”
In addition to claiming his mother helped cure a buddy’s cancer, Gaccione said his late mamma urged him to play number 6 on an Atlantic City roulette wheel — a heaven-sent tip that paid off big-time.
But ironically, gambling played a key role in the murder that now threatens to doom him to dying in prison.
The June 3, 1992, hit on Sangiuolo, 32, was allegedly ordered by Genovese don Vincent “Chin” Gigante after complaints that the capo was ripping off the crime family’s gambling dens.
John “Johnny Balls” Leto has admitted shooting Sangiuolo, who was sitting in the back seat of a van that prosecutors charged was driven by Gaccione. The duo then ditched the van, with Sangiuolo’s body inside, in a Pelham Bay parking lot, prosecutors said.
Mafia snitch John “Big John” Mamone, 61, testified at Gaccione’s trial that Gaccione had told him “we did ‘a piece of work’ ” after Sangiulo’s slaying.
“There’s no justice here,” said Gaccione’s distraught girlfriend, Marie Platten. “I can’t believe they took him away from us.”


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