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Monday, September 10, 2012

DA probes lawyer's Mafia threat

Suspended celebrity divorce lawyer Dominic Barbara allegedly threatened to unleash his Mafia relatives and friends on a client who filed an official complaint against him — and now the Suffolk County DA is investigating, The Post has learned.

In a rambling voice message, Barbara — who has represented Joey Buttafuoco, Jessica Hahn and Michael Lohan — allegedly suggested he would show up at truck driver Ray Young Jr.’s house with mobbed-up goons.

“Ray, it’s Dominic Barbara,” he calmly began the Aug. 30 message, and then read out his own phone number.

“Before you call me back, I’d like you to Google . . . Joseph Barbara. Mafia. That’s my grandfather,” he allegedly said, along with, “Anthony ‘Tony Ducks’ Corrallo, that’s my real godfather.”

He then allegedly said he had a man in the room with him who is “here right now. He’s my best friend my whole life, took care of me since I’m a baby.”

“Maybe we’ll come over and see you later, if you want. I just don’t have your address. So why don’t you call me back.’’

Barbara initially admitted to The Post that he made the intimidating call and confirmed the details, saying he hoped “it would scare [Young] off.’’ Later, he denied making the call and claimed the recording was doctored.

Barbara is “threatening me like a mobster. This is not the TV show ‘Mob Wives.’ I don’t like threats — nobody does,” Young said.

Barbara wants Young to drop his complaint against him to the Bar Association, in which Young claims the lawyer wrongfully kept more than $200,000 in fees he never earned. Barbara believes the claim is preventing him from being reinstated as a lawyer.

With Barbara as his attorney, Young won custody of his two daughters in 2007.

Sources confirm that Barbara is related to or is connected to the two mobsters he allegeldy mentioned in the voicemail.

Joseph Barbara, who is now dead, was Barbara’s grandfather. He hosted the historic 1957 nationwide Mafia Commission meeting at his home in upstate Apalachin. It was broken up by cops and eventually helped confirm the existence of organized crime.

And Anthony “Tony Ducks’’ Corrallo is the late Luchese crime family boss.

Last week, Barbara was arrested in a separate case and charged with violating an order of protection not to contact his ex-wife directly or indirectly.



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