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Monday, September 17, 2012

When mobsters do less time in prison than a woman in love

U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha is quoted speaking outside the courtroom, “We have driven a stake through the heart of organized crime in Rhode Island and we’ve cut off its head in Boston.”

Maybe he meant they gave a steak to the organized crime leadership who cut off a piece or two and enjoyed the taste of it,
Neronha was talking about Anthony DiNunzio, 53, acting boss of the New England La Cosa Nostra, who pleaded guilty on Thursday in a Providence court.   He admitted to receiving protection payments from Rhode Island strip clubs (Cadillac Lounge, Satin Doll, Foxy Lady and Desire).
He  became the acting boss of New England’s Cosa Nostra crime family in late 2009.  Mr. DiNunzio was recorded bragging that he would remain the boss if he went to jail and telling a member of New York’s Gambino crime family that he would be willing to bury uncooperative insubordinates alive.  He said if a member of his crew failed to do as he said, he would kill them. "I'll bury you right in the [expletive] ground . . . . You're alive. They stay there. I'll stay there [expletive] ten hours until your dead. And I'll dig you back up and make sure your [sic] dead," Wow!   He sounds like a pretty mean dude.  I wonder how much time the feds are going to recommend for him.
It is reported Anthony took over control of the mob from Peter Limone.  He's the same Peter Limone age 76 who got a $101.7 million award from a federal judge for being unlawfully imprisoned in the Barboza mess.  After getting out he went back into the Mafia business.  In July 2010 he pleaded no contest in Middlesex Superior Court to 12 counts of extortion, organizing a gambling syndicate, and criminal usury, and loan-sharking.  His lawyer told the judge:  "I can assure you what the court will see this day forward is a complete change in lifestyle, . . ." Before Limone the honor of being boss went to Luigi Giovanni "Baby Shacks" Manocchio who is in his mid-eighties.    In May 2012 a DOJ news release told us:  "Luigi “Louie” Manocchio, an admitted former boss and underboss of the New England La Cosa Nostra (NELCN), was sentenced today . . . for his leadership of and participation in a racketeering and extortion conspiracy that demanded and received between $800,000 and $1.5 million in “protection” payments from several Rhode Island adult entertainment businesses from 1995-2009."   He's been extorting people for 14 years.  I guess he's going to be hit with the book.
Anthony DiNunzio's brother is Carmen “The Cheese Man” DiNunzio.  He is  currently serving time in prison. Carmen DiNunzio’s owned a shop called “Fresh Cheese” which was located on Endicott Street in Boston's North End.  From the looks of the Cheese Man he enjoyed sampling its inventory.  Carmen a couple of years younger than Antony is the alleged under boss in the New England crime family.  He pleaded guilty to the state charges on July 8 of this year for extortion, promoting an illegal gaming operation, and conspiring to violate state gaming laws.   He also pleaded guilty in federal court to bribing an FBI agent. Another Mafia guy wrapped up, the underboss.  I’ll be he’ll really get significant time in prison.
Remember the Mafia guy, the capo, Mark Rossetti who went to trial and get convicted?  I wrote about him earlier.  Here’s how he is described: “Rossetti's alleged sordid past as a feared Mafioso, suspected killer and FBI informant has been kept out of the trial.  During the two-week trial, prosecutors played secretly recorded phone calls for the jury which they say show Rossetti and Quezada planned the robbery that was executed by two others.”      Rossetti, 52, a captain in the New England Mafia was convicted  of planning the break-in to rob a drug dealer of heroin and thousands of dollars in cash. It looks like the Mafia took a big hit.  The state side got the Cheese Man,  Limone and Rossetti; the feds got Anthony DiNunzio, the Cheese Man, and   Manocchio .  All Mafia big wigs — the New England bosses, the underboss and a captain.  I guess after they get hit with sentences we won’t be seeing much of them anymore.  An earlier underboss Gennaro “Jerry” Anguilo got 45 years.  His right hand man, Larry Zannino, got 30 years.  Vinny Ferrara, a capo like Rossetti, who came along after them got a break, 22 years.
I’m told to get in the Mafia you have to kill someone.  To move up in the ranks, you have to kill more people just to prove yourself.  So aside from all the crimes these guys have just been convicted of, you know they have a back pocket full of other crimes as top members of the Mafia.  I’m sure they’ll get sentences that make your head spin. I’ve mentioned Catherine Greig before.  Her crime was she was Whitey Bulger’s companion on his 16 years flight.  That was it.  No other criminal record other than she was with Whitey and used a false identification to do some shopping.  Compared to these Mafia guys she's playing in the little league.  Or at least one would think that of the former dental technician who happens to have fallen in love with a big time hoodlum.
I suppose the best way to tell how the federal court decides who are the real criminals is to look at the sentences meted out by the court.  Rossetti got seven to nine years.     Cheese Man Carmen DiNunzio got six years.   The heads of the Mafia:  Anthony DiNunzio is facing 63 to 78 months in prison,    Luigi Manocchio got 66 months in federal prison and  Peter Limone got probation. It seems the higher up in the Mafia one goes the less he gets for a sentence.  I’m sure Jerry Anguilo wishes that was the case back when he was sentenced.
So what happened?  The five big Mafia guys get probation and those that get sent to the can get between a little over five years to up to seven years.  Now can you guess what Catherine Greig with no record got. She got more than the Mafia guys!  She got eight years  Can anyone explain that?   I sure can't.



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