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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poll Results: Which of the following defendants on trial will be found not guilty?

Joseph Ligambi:  64 (24%)
Anthony Staino:  41 (15%)
George Borgesi:  42 (16%)
Joseph Licata:  97 (37%)
Joseph Massimino:  42 (16%)
Damion Canalichio:  40 (15%)
Gary Battaglini:  36 (14%)
All will be found guilty!:  104 (40%)
Total votes: 257

The results of our most recent poll show that 40% of our readers incorrectly predicted that all the defendants in the Philadelphia mob trial would be found guilty. 37% correctly predicted that Joseph Licata would be found not guilty, and 24% predicted that Joseph Ligambi would be found not guilty.. Many of the defendants were found not guilty of most charges and remained deadlocked on other charges. Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates on the future of the Philadelphia crime family.

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