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Sunday, March 10, 2013

John Gotti's niece set to testify for the government in Gambino murder case

 Bartolemeo Vernace, pictured in 1998, is charged with gunning down two men in 1981.
Bartolemeo Vernace, pictured in 1998, is charged with gunning down two men in 1981.
Never before has a Gotti testified for the government in a mob case — until now.
The late Gambino boss John Gotti must be spinning in his grave as federal prosecutors plan to call his niece Linda Gotti as a key witness against reputed capo Bartolomeo Vernace, who is charged on the 1981 murders of two men in a Queens bar.
Linda Gotti’s boyfriend, John D’Agnese, was one of the victims shot dead in front of the mob princess in a senseless attack that started over a spilled drink in the Shamrock Bar.
Shortly after the killings, Linda Gotti recanted her identifications of Vernace and two other men as involved in the shootings, Ronald "Ronnie the Jew" Barlin and Frank Riccardi. But with the passage of three decades, she is finally ready to tell the truth, sources said.

“She will say her father (former Gambino boss Peter Gotti) and her uncle (John Gotti) talked her out of testifying,” a source told the Daily News.
“Her father is done; he’s never getting out of prison and she never considered herself like the other Gottis anyway,” said another source. “Plus, she never got over the fact that her boyfriend was killed over something so stupid.”
Charges were dropped against Barlin. Vernace and Riccardi, who is now deceased, were acquitted in state murder trials.
D’Agnese and victim Richard Godkin were co-owners of the bar in Richmond Hill. Vernace has been indicted on a federal charge of murder in aid of racketeering.


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