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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

John Gotti's niece gets pulled as witness by defense in murder trial

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Gambino captain Bartolomeo Vernace is led out of 105th Precinct for transport to central booking in this News file. He is currently on trial for racketeering and murder.

Mafia princess Linda Gotti has been dumped for the second time as a star witness in the racketeering and murder trial of a reputed Gambino capo, the Daily News has learned.
Gotti was sent packing Tuesday from Brooklyn Federal Court by lawyers representing defendant Bartolomeo Vernace, who is on trial for racketeering and murder.
Linda, who apparently harbors some animosity toward the Gotti clan and had hoped that by testifying she could put that part of her life behind her, appeared overly interested in talking to the court, said a source familiar with her thinking.
Three weeks ago, federal prosecutors also had Gotti on standby in the courthouse, but decided against putting her on the stand after a bartender who witnessed the double murder testified and appeared to hit a home run for the government, sources said.
The late reputed mob boss John Gotti sits in New York state Supreme Court Jan. 20, 1990 listening to opening arguments in his trial. His niece, Linda Gotti, has been pulled from testifying against one of Gotti's former captains, Bartolomeo Vernace. 
More than three decades ago, Linda had also witnessed the fatal shooting of her boyfriend John D’Agnese, who was gunned down with co-owner Richard Godkin over a spilled drink in the Shamrock Bar.
But she later recanted her identifications of the killers.
Linda is the niece of the late Gambino crime boss John Gotti and the daughter of John’s brother, former boss Peter Gotti, who is serving a lengthy prison sentence.
Recently she told the feds that shortly after the murders, John Gotti’s wife, Victoria, had advised her that she did not have to testify if she did not want to, sources said.
She also claimed to have no knowledge of her father’s ties to the Mafia until the late 1980s, which seemed incredible, the source added.


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