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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Six people arrested for mortgage frauds in New England

The biggest transaction in the mortgage-fraud case involves Frederick Carrozza's 2006 sale of this house at 375 Ocean Rd., Narragansett, for $2.4 million, more than four times the listed price. 

Six people, including one described as a "close confidant" of ex-New England mob boss Raymond Patriarca, were indicted on multiple charges in connection with a series of mortgage frauds in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, state police announced.
Among the six charged was Frederick Carrozza Sr., of Coventry, whom state police said was a close friend of Patriarca when he ran New England organized crime.
The group is accused of using fraudulent information to get mortgages. Part of the case focuses on a 2006 sale by Carrozza of a Narragansett property for four times its listed price.
The Rhode Islanders facing charges were Verna Gauthier, of Providence, and Bryan Tobey, of East Providence. Massachusetts residents charged were Eugene O'Brien, of New Bedford, Kenneth Mollicone and Harlan Shabshelowitz, both of Somerset.


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