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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Genovese gangsters plead guilty to garbage industry extortion

Joseph Sarcinella is arrested by the FBI in 1975. He is one of three alleged Mafia figures who pleaded guilty in a recent scheme to control the garbage collection industry in New York and New Jersey.

Three mobsters owned up to their trashy behavior Wednesday, pleading guilty in a scheme to control the garbage collection industry in New York and New Jersey.

Genovese crime family soldiers Dominick Pietranico, 83, Joseph Sarcinella, 79, and William Cali, 59 were among 32 accused mafia members and associates busted in January on racketeering and other charges.

The Genovese honcho known as “Papa Smurf,” Carmine Franco, has pleaded not guilty.

“I tried to get some money back from this individual I was doing business with,” Cali told Manhattan Federal Court Judge Kevin Castel while copping to extortion conspiracy.

“I made him understand if he doesn’t pay me, it wouldn’t be good … I made him a little frightened, your honor.”

But Pietranico and Sarcinella, who said he has bladder cancer, pleaded guilty to making extortionate extensions of credit.

They loaned thousands of dollars to a trash collector they met at a Bronx social club, demanding 3% a week interest with threats to charge more. It turned out the borrower was an FBI mole.

The three initially faced multiple counts carrying max sentences of 20 years in prison. But under their plea deals, they could get 24 to 37 months, their lawyers said.



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