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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lucchese mobster blames wife for lying to FBI agents

He's no man of honor — at least where his wife is concerned.

A pathetic Lucchese mobster threw his better half under the bus Tuesday and denied he had told her to lie to FBI agents.

After a nearly one-hour standoff with G-men, cops and a police dog outside his Smithtown, Long Island, home, Michael Capra meekly surrendered Tuesday morning. Capra admitted telling his wife to claim he wasn’t home, prosecutor Amir Toossi said.

But later in Brooklyn Federal Court, Capra’s lawyer, Joseph Ferrante, blamed Donna Capra for the fiasco. “Mrs. Capra had a terrible lapse of judgment,” he said. “Mr. Capra was sleeping upstairs and did not instruct her to say anything.”

The prosecutor said Donna Capra may face charges for lying to an agent and obstructing justice.

Michael and his brother Daniel Capra are charged with threatening a 70-year-old man who was late paying a $100,000 loan.



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