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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Colombo captain given time served for turning against the crime family

Anthony Russo was given 35 months of time already served for his part in the murder of Colombo crime family underboss Joseph Scopo.

Mob blabbermouth Anthony Russo begged to be rewarded for cooperating against the Colombo crime family — and his wish was granted.

“I’m totally scared to death,” Russo, 49, cried Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court. “I’ve made my own choices,” he said. “Was it low self-esteem? Did I look up to the wrong people? Growing up in a certain neighborhood?”

Russo was sentenced to time served — 35 months — for driving a getaway car in the 1993 murder of underboss Joseph Scopo during the Colombo civil war.

Judge Kiyo Matsumoto also ordered him to pay the government $110,000 in criminal forfeiture.

Russo was arrested in the Justice Department’s historic Mafia takedown of more than 100 gangsters in January 2011. The former mob enforcer immediately began ratting out scores of co-defendants, including Colombo family leadership.



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