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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Engineer claims he was fired due to falsely assisting his mobster cousins

A former chief engineer at a Brooklyn federal building — who happens to have relatives in the Mafia — is claiming he was fired after a co-worker falsely accused him of assisting criminals.

Robert Trucchio, 44, who worked at 271 Cadman Plaza, which houses the offices of federal prosecutors, blamed onetime friend Kevin Smith, 51, for getting him canned in March.

Smith told the FBI that his boss took cell-phone photos of witnesses inside the U.S. Attorney offices and transmitted them to members of organized crime, according to Trucchio’s $4 million lawsuit filed last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“Each and every one of the defendant’s accusations against plaintiff was completely, knowingly and intentionally false,” court papers said.

Trucchio admitted he has second and third cousins in La Cosa Nostra but claimed he “had no relationship whatsoever with either of these convicted criminals.”

The relatives are Ronald "Ronnie One Arm" Trucchio, who’s serving a life sentence for racketeering, and his son Alphonse Trucchio, a captain with the Gambinos who was sentenced in 2012 to 10 years in prison, sources said.

According to the suit, a seven-month FBI investigation failed to substantiate Smith’s claims but the engineer was fired anyway. The court papers allege that Smith — who’s described as “an angry and jealous man” — was retaliating for a longstanding feud with his former boss. “I’m gonna have his job,” Smith allegedly said, referring to Trucchio, at the end of 2012, weeks before lodging the report.



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