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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tommy Shots blogs that dead Colombo underboss ordered the murder of NYPD cop

When our justice system deprives targeted citizens of their constitutional rights because the prosecutors feel that they are (or want such persons to be guilty) it is illegal and morally wrong. It is inevitable that innocent men will be targeted and fall victim to this corrupt practice. It has happened before and it is happening now. Let me explain...

Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and Joe (Caves) Competiello murdered NYPD officer Ralph Dols as a contract murder for Bill (Wild Bill) Cutolo.

Following Officer Dols' murder there were rumors of steroids, drugs, gambling, Russians and bad cops. Much later, after I heard a few more rumors, I surmised this murder contract had something to do with Wild Bill's multi-million dollar steroid, drug, and other illegal businesses that he had with some bad cops. I also heard that Calabro may have been involved in the killing.

After my arrest I came into a lot of evidence to support this scenario. Some NYPD officers even came forward with credible evidence that Wild Bill Cutolo had officer Dols killed. By then I already knew that this was a fact. Dino Calabro and Joe Competillo killed Bill Cutolo.

They did it to protect themselves from Bill Cutolo. They feared that he would become a government informant and turn them in for the Dols homicide. Cutolo was the target of a major FBI investigation and Calabro thought that Cutulo was too soft, too weak, and too rich to do serious prison time. Calabro was sure that Cutolo would crack and look to save his own ass by handing over some cop killers (Calabro and Competillo) to the FBI. So, they killed him on the sneak. Just another one of Calabro's loose ends.

There are two innocent men serving life sentences for the slaying of Wild Bill Cutolo. There are another two innocent men serving life sentences for the murder of another of Calabro's victims. And today, they are trying to frame Joel Cacace for the homicide of Ralph Dols as they tried and failed with me.

There are many more innocent men paying with their lives for the crimes of government informants. We must end the tyrannical persecutions based on facts harvested from the movies and the government's prejudice.





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